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Hi, I’m Renato 🙂

Why “Nerd Backpacker”? Well, my story starts off a little different than what you´ll most likely read on your typical travel blog. After graduating in Computer Science in 2015, I decided to go overseas for an exchange. I did not imagine that my life would completely change after that.

I have always been fascinated about traveling and I started this journey when I was a teenager, in my home country, discovering Brazil as a local. Due to the fact that I was still at university and had a job and a career to build, I could not travel as much as I wanted so the only thing I could do was travel during my free time and try to save some money.

So what motivated me to leave my job, family, and friends behind? Well, if there is one thing that I can not stand is “Comfort zone“. I do not think we were born to go to school, then get a degree, a good job, pay bills, get married and die. We can do more. Much more.

If you are in a “comfort zone” you are not living. Yes, just because you are breathing doesn’t mean you are alive. Stop for a bit and think: We have just one life to be lived. Dreams, priorities, realizations, job, family, friends, spiritual life… How many times do we get lost in the middle of all of these? With the course of our life, professional future, etc… I decided to take a time to myself. Work enough to survive, live a simple life without much comfort, don’t make long term plans, live the moment.

I would say that I have made the appropriate choice. I feel like I am living the best days of my life. I did not throw away my responsibilities through the window, I just put my priorities in the first place because, after all, we have just one life and not much time to discover what makes us happy.

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